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where did u download photoshop??
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i honestly don’t remember i downloaded it a few years ago, but this is a good place to find a download for it

Hi, I just saw your amazing Isaac gifset, how do you remove noise from gifs? Sharpening is flawless! I know, that it's smart sharpen, but may be you have some tips? If you don't ant to answer, it's okay, i understand. Thank you! <3
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hi! thanks! the only tip i can give is maybe it’s the way that you’re saving the gif? make sure you always save it as pattern rather than noise or diffusion. i personally that think pattern looks better

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i hope with more scenes there will be more fics and edits, but i feel like when people see those scenes their default reaction is “wow i need to cut braeden out of here and put someone else in” - even those who claim they ship it

well i thought there would be more after the midseason trailer but that didn’t happen. yeah lets be honest most people are going to cut braeden out and put stiles or lydia in her place and it’s just so frustrating

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they fight bad guys together! hunt monsters! road trip fic! victory sex! so many possibilities! step up your game fandom, for fuck’s sake!

braeden teaching derek how to use a gun! (which is also probably going to be canon.) deputy hale and his mercenary girlfriend! human!derek also becoming a mercenary and they travel the world together hunting the supernatural! 

if only i was a good writer

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its horrible

i know

like i think there’s maybe one or two really good fics and that’s it??

the lack of fics is so disappointing, especially since they’re actually canon

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and what IS draeden, too often is ‘no feelings attached, only here for the sex’ kind of relationship & i hate it :(

same same

i just want like a 20K words fic that shows how they’re relationship develops and them facing obstacles and dealing with them together and just everything basically

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